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The Theology of the Body is a topic that should be explored, reviewed, revisited, and constantly pondered at deeper and deeper levels.  It is very simple at its core but applying it in all the nooks and crannies of our lives takes a lifetime of prayer and profound conversion. This list can help get you started on the intellectual end of the “head and heart immersion” that will be necessary; it is by no means exhaustive – it is rather an open door to explore Theology of the Body-informed resources and let God take it from there.

Tools, Talking Points & Handouts

from presentations on the Theology of the Body by Jen Messing

101 Ways to Build Up Real Love & Show Affection

Jen’s pamphlet, 101 Ways to Build Up Real Love & Show Affection, is now available in its 3rd Edition! Revisions include making it more generically Christian (instead of “attend Mass together” -> “attend Church together”, etc.) and tweaking the definitions on friendship & dating.

By using fairly universal language, this resource can catch the eye of high school students, young adults, or even NFP-practicing couples.

It includes sections describing stages of dating, the vows taken in marriage, and the definitions of love vs. lust. The center contains over 100 ideas for spending time with a person you love.

Order your copies at One More Soul or by calling: 800-307-7685

Theology of the Body Storyline

Coming soon…

The importance of our body-soul personhood is traceable through the entirety of Salvation History; the Theology of the Body is not a separate topic but is rather woven into every aspect of our faith as Catholic Christians. This bookmark is a quick-reference tool to remember the connections between elements of our personhood, the definition of real love, and the dramatic story that we are each a part of. Pray for the anticipated printing sometime in 2023.

Ponder & Examan

Main concepts found within the Theology of the Body, a short examination of understanding, and CCC references for hard moral issues.

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TOB Building Blocks

Putting Theology of the Body concepts into sentences, addressing both Christians and non-Christians. Helps start the process of integrating TOB into everyday situations and work.

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NFP Basics

One sheet of definitions, how it works, and summaries of major fertility care/ Natural Family Planning systems available.

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Reading List

Original Text

Man & Woman He Created Them: A Theology of the Body, St. John Paul ll’s 129 addresses (plus 6 undelivered), translated by Michael Waldstein. Full text online at (previous translation)

Love &. Responsibility, by Karol Woytyla (St.John Paul II), translated by Grzegorz Ignatik.

Good Books on Tough Issues

Good News About Sex & Marriage, big moral questions with TOB answers by Christopher West

Women, Sex, & the Church, multiple contributors

Christian Dating in a Godless World, by Fr. Tom Morrow (Sophia Press or

Holy Sex!, by Greg Popcak

Catholic Parents’ Guide to Raising Almost Perfect Kids and Beyond the Birds &. the Bees, by Greg & Lisa Popcak

Companion Texts

Theology of the Body Explained (parallels the TOB audiences) or Theology of the Body for Beginners (summary), by Christopher West

Theology of the Body in an Hour, by Jason Evert

Men & Women Are From Eden, by Mary Healy

Theology of the Body Simplified, Fr. Anthony Percy

Fill These Hearts, TOB made accessible to the secular world by Christopher West

Understanding Love & Responsibility, by Richard A. Spinello

Men, Women, & the Mystery of Love, by Edward Sri

Theology of the Body in Context, by William May

Speakers + Educators

TOB-focused MATERIALS can be found at: |

Start Here/Dive In (Christopher & Wendy West, PA) (Christopher West & Bill Donaghy, PA | Jen Settle, FL): Head & Heart Immersion courses are fully classroom/fully retreat experiences; the Institute also offers certification & Masters level programs. (FL): Dr. Bob Schuchts & his team blend their knowledge of TOB, psychology, and the healing offered by God. Healing retreats for ages 18+ and focused healing retreats for clergy, married, women, etc. (Jason Evert (AZ), Matt Fradd (GA), Chris Stefanic (CO), Sarah Swafford (KS), etc.) (Christopher West, PA) (Brian Butler, LA) (SC) (Jen Messing, MN) (Janet Smith, MI) (Damon Owens, PA) (AZ) (Mary Foster, MN) (OH) (Fr. Thomas Loya, IL) (Monica Ashour, TX) (Bill Donaghy & Jen Settle, PA)

Vicky Thorn, The Biology of the Theology of the Body (WI)

Spanish Presenters

Evan Lemoine: (Mexico)

Jake Samour: (KS)

Patrick Reidy: (CA)

Retreats (LA): Brian Butler & crew lead ECHO camps that teach young adults about TOB so they can pass it on to the high school participants. (SC): Parent-child programs help teach parents how to talk to their children about real love, body changes and fertility appreciation. (MN): Jen Messing leads TOB camping retreats for several age groups in state & national parks (FL): In weekend or week-long retreats, Dr. Bob Schuchts blends his knowledge of psychology, TOB, and the healing offered by God to each of us. (International): retreats to heal from the effects of abortion. (CA): retreats for those affected by divorced (among other topics) (PA): Head & Heart Immersion courses are fully classroom/fully retreat experiences.

Programs + Curriculum – Gift series, Joy Filled Marriage, Surviving Divorce, Belonging (Baptism), TOB for Teens (middle school), YOU (high school), Chosen (Confirmation), Freedom to Love (college), Altaration (on the Mass), etc. – study groups for women on true femininity /the “feminine genius” – Marriage prep inventory that also catechizes, by Jim & Maureen Otremba – Image of God K-12 Textbook Series, 2nd Edition: laced with the language of TOB. – system for parents to talk to children about body changes & sexuality with TOB language. – Rooted K-12 Theology of the Body curriculum ( meant to supplement Religious Education programs) – Colleen Kelly Mast integrates Catholic concepts into a public school abstinence program; also Love & Life (Christian chastity program) and (“LoveEd” parent-child program). – PreK-8 TOB Curriculum (meant to supplement Religious Education programs) – Theology of the Body certification program (each 5-day course is also fully a retreat)


Counseling & Healing (Suzanne Baars, TX) (Dr. Greg Popcak, etc.) (Dr. Gregory Bottaro NY /CT) (Dr. Peter Damgaard-Hansen, Denmark/MN) (Dan Spadaro, CO) (Christopher Sperling, TX) (St Paul, MN) (Veritatis Splendor Counseling, WY)

Same-sex Attraction & Gender Identity (and EnCourage for their families) (Anna Carter & Shannon, St Paul, MN) – Resources for those working with SSA

Porn & Related Habits

Freedom Coaching (Steve Pokorny, TX) (porn within marriage) } Incorporate brain science } & faith into breaking habits

Divorce/Annulment (Rose Sweet, CA)

Restored Ministry (Joey Pontarelli, CO)

Bioethics & Health Care – supporting Catholic health care professionals – defends human dignity in health care & life sciences

Fertility Care/NFP (Natural Family Planning) – comprehensive learning resource
Side effects of hormonal contraceptives – ‘NFP-only’ Doctor directory (NE) – they treat difficult infertility issues & study medical alternatives to using contraceptives as medicine (NOTE: chemical contraceptives are not necessary for treatment of medical conditions). – Creighton Model, NaPro Technology (mucus/ ovulation method) – Fertility Education & Medical Management (mucus observation method) – Billings Ovulation Method (mucus observation method) – Family of the Americas (mucus) – Couple to Couple League (sympto-thermal) – NW Family Services (sympto-thermal) – the Marquette Model (sympto-thermal observations + hormonal fertility monitoring)